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Why your business can benefit from Mobile Security Patrols

It is unfortunately the case that crimes targeted towards businesses is becoming more frequent as criminals are becoming smarter and, therefore, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are implementing the correct measures to ensure that your business is kept safe.

What is a Mobile Security Patrol?

Mobile security patrols are a cost effective alternative to static security officers and CCTV systems and can be beneficial to a business if implemented correctly.

Furthermore, mobile patrol units are often fully briefed on the locations they visit and, as such, have a working knowledge of how the site should be. This allows them to quickly notice if anything is out of order and respond accordingly.

If you are considering using mobile security patrols as a method of securing your business it is important to know all the benefits they can provide and how to effectively utilise the system.

Benefits of Mobile Security Patrols

Affordable: Using mobile security patrols can often be more affordable than hiring static security officers yet it can still provide a strong visual deterrent to would be criminals.

Flexibility: Many thieves and criminals will spend time ‘scoping out’ a business and deciding when they are most vulnerable. Mobile security patrols can be scheduled for different times ensuring that there is no pattern that criminals can take advantage of.

Quick Response: Should a mobile patrol notice anything suspicious they are able to deal with the situation quickly and effectively whether in a vehicle or on foot.

Additional Services: Mobile patrols can also be paired with additional services such as perimeter checks and site checks to ensure that there are no signs of unauthorised access to a building.

Reassurance: Knowing that your business is being monitored by trained security professionals can be reassuring and removes the added stress of worrying whether your business is going to be a victim of crime or vandalism.

It is evident that mobile security patrols can provide quick, effective security to your business especially out of hours, when your business is most vulnerable, and can be beneficial when 24/7 static security officers aren’t a viable option.

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