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Simple steps businesses can take to improve their security

The number one priority for every business should be the safety and security of their business premises and their employees, yet many businesses often don’t do enough to ensure that their workplace is safe and secure.

The lack of an efficient combination of security systems increases the risk of criminal activity such as theft and vandalism, which can cause your employees to feel unsafe in the workplace, therefore making sufficient security systems essential for any business.

How to keep your business safe

There are multiple methods you can use to ensure the safety of your business but the most important is the initial risk assessment.

Taking time to conduct a thorough risk assessment will allow you to analyse your current security provisions and identify any issues that need to be addressed.

A proper risk assessment should also include any opinions and concerns from employees and managers as well as information from the local authorities regarding common crimes in your area.

It is important to conduct a thorough risk assessment regularly, at least once per year, to ensure that your security measures and systems are always kept relevant and up to date.

Key elements to consider in order to complete a thorough security risk assessment include:

  • Gathering all necessary data and information
  • Ensuring that information is reliable
  • Identifying vulnerable areas
  • Covering every entrance and exit point to your premises
  • Categorising data and information correctly and properly

Upon completing a risk assessment you will have likely identified a few issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure your business remains safe and secure, and there are multiple measures you can implement to achieve this, such as:

It is recommended that you choose and implement a combination of security systems in order to ensure that your business remains protected throughout the day and night – especially during hours of non operation as this is when your business is most vulnerable.

For many businesses, budget can be an issue and may restrict the level of security you are able to provide. This may lead to having to choose between different systems such as CCTV or security guards and it may be difficult to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages of various systems.

Furthermore, it is important to consider security systems in relation to the sector you operate in, not only because some sectors – such as retail – are more vulnerable, but because the sector you operate in may influence the systems you can implement.

It is, therefore, recommended that you conduct sufficient research into the systems you require, based on your findings from your risk assessment, to ensure that you are choosing the right security option for you and your business.

Ultimately the combination of systems that your business requires will depend on a number of factors including budget, area of operation, business sector and the systems you already have in place.

It’s important to analyse and discuss your options with your team and employees to ensure that you are choosing the right options to be confident that your business and employees remain safe, secure and protected.

Improve your security today

Here at Heart Security we offer multiple physical security services such as static security guards and mobile patrols as well as a variety of other security services designed to keep your business safe. For more information about any of our security services or for any queries you may have, please contact our team or visit our blog today.

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