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Construction Site Security

Having competent security on your construction site is vital to ensure the safety of those working on-site but also the protection of equipment and vehicles which could otherwise be stolen or damaged.

Without the right security measures in place, your business could be taking huge risks and could potentially cause long delays to projects, increasing other costs further down the line. Luckily there are methods and measures that can be put into place to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Understanding Construction Site Threats

Sadly, construction sites are being increasingly targeted by thieves when they have lower levels of security – building equipment and tools can easily be sold for high prices. This increase in crime and theft has meant that construction site security monitoring is becoming more and more essential in order to protect your equipment and materials.

Security for building sites is a priority for Construction businesses, as the current events of COVID19 have left numerous construction sites on pause without efficient monitoring, leaving sites vulnerable to thieves, who appear to be increasingly after vehicles and tools.

Due to the nature of a construction site, it can be difficult to find cost effective security measures that are suited to the construction industry as the likes of CCTV are often easily be damaged.

Risk Assessments

Performing a thorough security risk assessment for your construction site will give you peace of mind and enable you to identify any risks or vulnerable areas of your building site that need further action.

Your risk assessment should be able to clearly identify risks such as who is at risk and what type of security measures you will need in order to combat higher costs and potential damage to the area.

Including employees working on the site aren’t necessary to undertake a risk assessment however, all workers should be made aware or receive adequate safety training to understand the possible risks should they leave tools lying around, keys left in vehicles or even not knowing how to leave the construction site, once they’re finished for the day.

Protecting your construction site during COVID19

Naturally with most things during COVID19, there have been changes across industries and the construction sector is no exception. We will ensure under government guidelines that all our Security Officers and Mobile Drivers abide by guidelines supplied by the government for the safety of both your team and ours.

How to improve your construction site security

Here at Heart security we offer a variety of cost effective external security services suitable for securing a construction site in its entirety and dealing with any threats that may occur.

We understand the importance of construction site security and know that the risks are increasing over time, which is why we cannot stress enough when it comes to ensuring your building site has the right protection. This can be achieved through both a physical presence and technical security.

Construction Site Security Guards

Manned Guarding is perhaps still one of the most effective methods of security for any premises as they act as a visual deterrent for any would be criminal and our highly trained professionals can react quickly to any threats to ensure the safety of your site and your employees.

Our Construction Site Security Guards will closely monitor your site using any existing CCTV provision and traditional patrolling methods and can quickly realise when something is wrong and react to resolve the situation.

Having a physical premise on-site has more than just the benefit of being a physical deterrent to trespassers trying to access the site. Security guards have been specifically trained to be able to act efficiently in high pressured situations but without compromising on reliable reports of any crime or even that tried to take place.

Detection also plays a big part within a Security Officers’ role and also that of more technical security measures such as CCTV, which work hand in hand with guards, who cannot be in several places at once but still have the advantage of being able to detect unauthorised visitors.

Mobile Security Patrols

If it is impractical to keep Security Officers onsite due to a lack of welfare facilities, we also offer a tailor made Mobile Patrol Service making a designated number of visits to ensure the perimeter of your site remains secured and to check for any suspicious activities when the site is unoccupied.

Our Mobile Patrol Service is highly individual and working with you and local crime partnerships we can tailor the service for times when criminal activity may be most likely as well as make other random checks to ensure that a pattern cannot be followed by would be criminals.

Employing reliable Mobile Security Patrols for a building site has many of the benefits of a traditional Site Security Officer and their skills are no less. Mobile Security Patrols work within your specific hours and can deal with any suspicious matters, quickly and effectively.

Implementing security measures such as Mobile Security Patrols will give you peace of mind that even when your workers have left the site, someone will be there to ensure gates are locked properly and that any tools or vehicles that may be some-what visible are being monitored.

Why choose Heart Security?

At Heart security our team are constantly working with local Crime Partnerships to identify any patterns of crime or spates of attacks in your area. This allows us to adapt and change our service to meet your specific business requirements.

Our Security Services can be tailored to your unique situations to ensure you receive the highest quality of service and ensure your work premises, building site or retail space is safe and secure for the long haul.

We are based in Mansfield and can provide Construction Security Services to businesses in the surrounding areas throughout the East Midlands including Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

What do our clients say about Heart security?

“Site security is very important to developers, and we are extremely pleased with Heart Security, who provide out-of-hours mobile site patrols for us. Over a long time they have proved themselves to be reliable, attentive, and courteous. They are flexible when needed, and are quick to report any potential issues to us. We continue to use their services, and have no hesitation in highly recommending them to others.”

– Great Oak Developments

If you need help deciding whether to choose Heart security, check out our testimonials for more information about how we can help keep your business safe and secure.

Looking for something other than Construction Site Security?

At Heart security, we can provide a host of Security Services tailored to your specific needs and requirements including Static Security Officers, Gatehouse Security and Alarm callout/Keyholding services.

For more information about our range of Security Services please contact us today.

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