Mobile Patrols

Our Mobile Patrol Service can be used for a variety of reasons to suit your business needs.

Sometimes it is impractical for a Static Security Guard to be placed onsite – there may be no welfare facilities available, or even a building to house them in but a Mobile Patrol Service can still make a designated number of visits to a site in a day or evening to check that the perimeter is still intact, that there are no signs of unauthorised entry to any buildings and to ensure that vandalism and theft is kept at bay.

Each site we patrol is fitted with HeartSecurity monitoring signage to ensure that people are aware that there is a Security presence on site (which, in itself, often acts as a deterrent) – we then make randomly timed checks to the site and/or buildings to ensure that a pattern cannot be followed by potential intruders. We provide a written and timed record of all visits so that in the event of any occurrences, you can pinpoint a more specific time when incidents are likely to occur. This is then something that we would monitor in order to be able to make further recommendations to you or to adjust the level of cover that we are providing.

In working with local Crime Partnerships, we are also able to advise you of any patterns of crimes or spates of attacks in your area.

Often, the provision of a recognised system of Security can also serve towards reducing your insurance premiums as the chances of theft and vandalism are greatly reduced.

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