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HeartSecurity Services Ltd COVID -19 Continuity Plan

The following premises are covered in this document: Multiple Sites

Copies of this document can be found: F55 Ransom Hall, Ransomwood Business Park, Southwell Road West, Mansfield, NG21 0HJ

Security Officer/ SiteSafety

The Sites we manage are stocked with antibacterial cleaning materials such as wipes, handwash, disinfectant and bleach. Cleaning rotas for staff are in place and notices on site to explain the necessary cleaning procedures during shifts have been allocated.

NHS hand washing instructions have been placed on the sites we manage; staff are always provided with antibacterial handwash.

Staff have been written out to in relation to the above, we are also advising staff on the government guidelines in place if they have symptoms – such as who to notify, self-isolation etc. If any staff members are confirmed with the virus, we will follow instructions given by the local health protection team and will advise any clients where necessary.

To ensure adequate cover can be provided, we will ensure that there are several members of staff trained to be able to operate at each client site. If a member of staff has to self-isolate for a week or two, we will be able to provide cover unless we get to a worst-case scenario stage.

We are contacting all staff who have leave booked within the next three months and asking them if they are planning to travel to any of the affected countries, so that we can prepare for any issues which may arise on their return.

Staff welfare visits to sites will now be minimised, the majority of these visits will be done as a ‘welfare call’ (we will go through the same check sheet with staff as usual over the phone).

Due to this we will be encouraging staff to communicate more than ever and have a friendly chat with us to ensure that their mental health is not being affecting by the gravity of the unfolding situation, on top of them lone working and being isolated.

Operations/Management team

All members of the Operations Team have been issued with a cleaning procedure for workspaces and shared kit – such as the control telephone handset, work vans etc.

Due to the Operations Staff Team having different roles to the Security Officers, which only a selection of the staff could cover, we will be having telephone only handovers to minimise contact as much as possible between the team.

Again, advice has been provided based on the Government Guidelines if symptoms occur and if any cases are confirmed amongst the Op’s Team, we will follow instructions given by the local health protection team and will advise any clients where necessary.

Emergency Measures

If the stage is reached where businesses voluntarily close, we will still endeavour to provide our Security Services for our Clients, so long as we are permitted to do so.

In the event that a business has a confirmed case, we will work closely with clients and follow the advice given by the local health protection team and a risk assessment will be carried out. Most circumstances will require confirmation that any contaminated areas and shared spaces have been properly cleaned and sanitised before sending any Heart staff to Sites.

If a Site were to close, we would send staff in accordance with advice from a local health protection team, once the situation has been risk assessed.

If a site that usually has a manned guarding service cannot be occupied then we would look at other Security options, such as external mobile patrols of a building and its grounds.

We hope this will not be an issue due to the fact that most of our staff are lone workers, however if the stage is reached where we cannot not provide clients with cover due to staff shortages, this will be discussed with full transparency. Alternative Security options will be discussed and offered wherever possible.

From you

We ask that we are kept up to date with any issues so that we can take precautionary measures if necessary, in order to protect the rest of our team.

As you know we are a small family business consisting of 24 employees – we hope that working closely together we can still offer the same standard and level of security cover where possible, as well as ensuring the personal and work safety of our team during this period of uncertainty.

This document will be reviewed and adapted in line with Government recommendations and we will be in touch if any drastic measures must be enforced, to advise on steps going forward.

Your Security ​is the Heart ​of our business.

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