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Mobile Patrols
Mobile Patrols

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Our cost effective mobile security patrols offer 24 hour periodic security plus emergency response and support services for clients and manned teams working on site.

A cost effective and equally highly trained alternative for low risk sites that don’t require constant manned security guarding, our mobile security units can provide periodic checks on your property around the clock as well as offering a 24 hour fast response back up to our manned guards or to any emergency situations you may have to deal with. Our mobile officers are as highly trained as the manned guarding team with SIA licenses, NOCN security qualifications, first aid and fire prevention training so that they can respond immediately to any situation; dog and handler teams are also available on a static or mobile basis.

Watching your property

For many low risk sites, a permanent manned guarding presence simply isn’t cost effective or necessary, and our periodic mobile patrol unit checks provide an ideal solution. Attending your site at random intervals in uniform and a marked vehicle provides a strong visual deterrent to thieves and regular checks on security breaches or for potential sites of entry such as windows or doors left open.

Through a full security survey we set the number of visits and tasks to be performed in consultation with you to match your actual needs; sharing this periodic service with other clients means your costs are a fraction of that for a permanent manned guarding presence.

Manned guarding support services

The fast response times of our mobile security units are equally useful as a support tool for security guards on site who need fast back up in a developing situation. In the event of a break in or crowd control problem situation security guards in the field can call in emergency support including mobile guard dogs and handlers, who can be on site in less than 20 minutes throughout the Midlands region.

24 hour key holding and intruder alarm response

When you need someone to respond to an alarm call, it makes sense to pass key holding duties to a professional security team rather than a member of your own staff. Our keyholding service ensures that should an intruder alarm trip at your property one of our mobile patrol units will be immediately dispatched to investigate for a break-in and deal with the situation effectively and professionally filing a full report. In most circumstances, we can be on site in less than 20 minutes.

Whatever your mobile security patrol unit requirements speak to the experts at Heart Security; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation security survey and quotation with one of our specialist team

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